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Audio-Visual System Design & Integration

Primarily designing and building audiovisual systems to meet the technical advancements in performance and design, incorporating today's needs with tomorrows technology.

Independant Audio-Visual Systems Engineers

As an independent AV Systems engineers, our goal is to work with clients, and to provide a design that meets their needs, their budget and is not over-engineered or overly complex to use.

Automation has become an intregal key component of any design, along with that automation is a user friendly, self explanatory user interface that should not need an instruction manual to use.

Audio Visual technological advancements are moving at a fast pace, along with those advancements are the need to design a simple effective user friendly system, to meet todays needs and tomorrows improvements.

What Is The Difference?

Independent audiovisual systems design engineers and consultants, have no affiliations with any distinctive brands, products, technologies, or suppliers.

We listen and accomodate to our clients needs, by designing and suggesting, unbiased, cost-effective and reliable robust solutions.

Constantly maintaining best practices in core technology requirements and producing quality installations, programming, commissioning, and operation.

We constantly research and keep up to date with programming and design practices along with maintaining reltionships with key developments in the Audio Visual Industry.

Integration & Design?

Independent engineers maintain close contacts with industry experts in their designated areas of expertise.

We all communicate and help each other wherever we can. When it comes to systems integration, we can both supply or recommend an integration crew, or if you would prefer, we will work closely with your own resources.

Most equipment brands have diligently been focusing on AV security, with the increasing amount of networked Audio-Visual Devices, security has become a major consideration in all designs.

Keeping Things Simple

An automation and control system allows you to manage many aspects of your business or home. Use a remote control, computer, tablet, or PDA to set the mood with the perfect temperature or lighting. Or use the same control to lock the main door and set the security alarm.

With automation, you can set your system to work around your schedule, saving you time, energy, and costs.

When we code an automation system, we build it from the ground up, we make sure our clients agree and are happy with the user interface. When we install the system, we give you the code to allow you to make future changes.

Our core Values & Services

A great design is the foundation of a great system. No matter the type or size of the project, we can help you sort out the audio, acoustics, video, lighting, or broadcast solutions that will optimize your space and workflow.

Let us take the guesswork out of your systems configuration and design, saving you valuable time and helping you avoid the uncertainty and headaches of researching and developing the right system by yourself.

No system is too large or too small for our team. From home studios to churches to concert halls, our experts can help you design a solution that fits your budget and your goals.

Expansions or Consolidations

Looking to expand or modify a system you already have, or simply make it more simple to operate. We can acomplish both by helping identify solutions or possibly key points of failure in existing designs.

Audio Visual Networking Solutions

Keeping your Audio Visual System working on your existing network, or craeting it's own unique and seccure network.

Training and development.

A good user interface translates to a self-explanatory control system, we also personally train our clients at the end of a project and offer refresher courses as business needs may change. AVSDI has developed in depth training manuals and online interactive training solutions to assist our clients.
Our Services

How We Can We Help You

From consulting, through design and integration, maintaining and updating, we are here to help.


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